Manuka Honey 800+ MGO 250g

Manuka Honey 800+ MGO 250g

Harvested using gentle cold-extraction methods in the heart of New Zealand, where beekeeping is a skill guided by local wisdom and nature-friendly methods.





MGO Rating:

Raw Manuka Honey by Nature’s Blends has an MGO rating of 83+. Every batch undergoes rigorous

testing to confirm it is packed with natural goodness. This step is vital to check the quality and ensure that we’re bringing you only the finest nature has to offer.

About MGO & UMF

MGO and UMF are two different indicators of how many bioactive compounds your raw manuka honey contains. In a way, both are a measure of the quality of the honey you’re about to consume – but there are some key differences.

MGO stands for methylglyoxal, a natural compound that gives manuka honey its unique properties. The MGO rate is an indicator of quality. The higher the MGO content of honey, the better it’s quality.

UMF is short for Unique Manuka Factor. It is a system of measurement that covers the MGO count of manuka honey but also factors in some of the other active compounds found only in manuka honey. The UMF number is a standalone measure for both the quality and purity of manuka honey.

Is MGO or UMF Better?

Both the MGO and UMF readings are useful indicators in their own ways. They measure different things so they cannot be compared. But both can be useful in helping you decide how to put your manuka honey to use.

What Level of Manuka Honey is Best?

Manuka honey is good for you – but the best way to pick the right type of honey is to decide what you want to use it for:

• Table grade (MGO 83 – MGO 263) – ideal for daily consumption, include in your health chart,

beverages, salads or take it raw

• Moderate grade (MGO 263 – MGO 514) – is called the ‘therapeutic grade’

• Higher grade manuka honey (MGO 514 – MGO 1200)- with higher MGO and UMF

MGO and UMF – Parity Chart

Even though MGO and UMF measure two different things, there is still a relationship between their values. Here is a rough parity chart to help you convert and determine the quality of manuka honey:

• UMF 5 = MGO83

• UMF10 = MGO263

• UMF15 = MGO514

• UMF20 = MGO829

• UMF25 = MGO1200

*This jar of Raw Manuka Honey by Nature’s Blends has an MGO count of 83+ and is perfect for everyday consumption.


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