Manuka Honey 514+ MGO 250g

Manuka Honey 514+ MGO 250g

Produced in the lush hillsides of New Zealand by busy bees that only have a few weeks’ windows to pollinate the native Manuka flowers, our raw manuka honey is a specialty .





Our raw manuka honey comes straight from hives and is extracted using cold techniques that preserve its natural goodness. MGO 514+ manuka honey is a treat regardless of how you have it; put it on your toast, use it as a healthy sweetener or include it in your skin and beauty routine.

Size: 250 G

Sweetness: Mild to Medium, depending on the season

Colour: Dark Cream to Dark Brown

Texture: Thick, Rich, and Smooth

Is Raw Manuka Honey Better?

Raw manuka honey is packed with many natural compounds – these active ingredients are responsible for its special properties. It also has a higher ratio of antioxidants compared to regular honey.

Raw honey comes directly from the honeycombs – it is collected using gentle methods. Since it is unprocessed and unfiltered, it is packed with natural nutrients and high in pollen content. All of this lends more strength to your jar of honey and makes it a powerful superfood.

So, if you want to get the most out of manuka honey, always go for raw, unprocessed, and unheated manuka honey instead of regular (processed) honey.

Is a Spoonful of Manuka Honey Good for You?

Manuka honey, in its rawest form, is full of phenols – both of which work wonders for the body.


What Does Manuka Honey Taste Like?

Nature’s Blends Manuka Honey (MGO 83 +) has a uniquely layered taste reminiscent of summertime blooms. Herby with hints of caramel and a clean aftertaste, it is the perfect honey for those digging balanced complexity.

Raw manuka honey tastes rich, creamy, and earthy. The mild-medium sweetness unfolds into a pleasant woody aftertaste.


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