Cupping B5 Cups

Cupping B5 Cups

The Cupping Clinic invites you to step into a realm of ultimate relaxation with our Cupping Therapy service.





Rooted in ancient medicine, Cupping Therapy is an effective method for releasing tension, detoxifying the body, and promoting an overall improved sense of well-being. This contemporary service is sure to have you feeling like your best self.

At The Cupping Clinic, your comfort is our priority and the techniques used by our therapists are a testament to that. Each of our clients are unique, and so are their health goals; we take the time to understand your goals and select the cup sizes and placement of the cups according to what you tell us. We use a variety of cup sizes, including B5 cups, to effectively target specific problem areas. The cups produce a suction on the skin to draw toxins and stagnant blood to the surface, resulting in a multitude of benefits.

There are many reasons as to why this ancient practice is still actively used today:

  • Improved Circulation: Blood flow is enhanced to target areas, promoting oxygen and nutrient delivery.
  • Stress Reduction: Allow relaxation to wash over you as the practice works to help release tension stored in the body.
  • Detoxification: The body flushes out toxins, supporting overall detoxification.
  • Release of Muscle Tension: Ease discomfort and muscle aches by reducing tension.
  • Pain Management: Improves circulation and reduces inflammation to combat the symptoms of chronic pain conditions.

With a whole host of benefits to revel in, Cupping Therapy is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Schedule a session today to immerse yourself in this ancient tradition.

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