Cupping Therapy Diploma

The Cupping Clinic invites you to elevate your medical proficiency by joining us on our Phlebotomy course. Our carefully curated courses are great for both beginners with no prior knowledge and intermediate learners looking to develop their skills further. Our skilled practitioners provide you with a comprehensive training programme to empower you with the skills needed in this advanced field of aesthetics and wellness.

Course Highlights

Master the Art of Phlebotomy

Discover the art of precision as we explore phlebotomy. Our courses include a deep dive into tried-and-tested techniques, health and safety protocols, and the advanced skills needed for safe and effective venipuncture. Our clinic is the perfect place to gain practical experience in a nurturing learning environment.

Injectables Expertise

Take your skills to new heights and discover a sense of pride as you venture on a journey to become an expert in injectables. Our comprehensive training programmes explore the principles of administering injections in a way that promotes optimal effectiveness. Our skilled practitioners will provide you with all of the training that you need on the art of dosage calculation, injection site selection and advanced techniques.

IV Drip Proficiency

Our specialised IV Drip course provides you with an in-depth understanding of different IV fluids and their benefits as well as equipping you to master the art of safe administration.

Join us at The Cupping Clinic and allow us to empower you with the skills needed to become successful in the wellness industry. Invest in your future by becoming qualified in injectables and IV Drip therapy.

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