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intense moisture

If your skin needs a serious hydration boost, then our luxurious hydration facial is the perfect solution for you! Designed to replenish and restore moisture, this facial will leave your skin feeling refreshed, plump, and repaired.

Our expert therapists understand that well-hydrated skin is the foundation of a healthy and youthful complexion. Therefore, our hydration facials are carefully crafted to provide intense moisture to even the most dehydrated skin types.

Why Us?

a blissful, relaxing experience

Using a combination of specialised techniques, our facials work to infuse your skin with that much-needed surge of moisture. Our powerful hydrating ingredients penetrate deep into your skin, replenishing lost moisture, and restoring the skin barrier and natural balance. The result? An immediate radiant, dewy glow that will have heads turning.

The benefits of our hydration facials are not only immediate but also long-lasting. Moisturised skin helps to improve its elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will also be better equipped to defend against environmental stressors and will be protected from irritation and damage.

Not only do our hydration facials work wonders for your skin, but they also provide a blissful, relaxing experience. As you lay back to take a well-deserved rest, let our skilled therapists pamper you; the stresses of the day will simply melt away, leaving you feeling calm and renewed.

Don’t let dry, lacklustre skin dim your natural beauty. Treat yourself to the hydration your skin desires by booking your appointment today. Your skin and soul deserve it!

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