Cupping Therapy Diploma

Join our comprehensive Cupping Therapy training course and become a certified Cupping/Hijama practitioner accredited by the IPHM Board. Our interactive course merges ancient techniques with modern advancements to equip you with the skills required to promote optimal health and well-being.

Course Overview

Anatomy and Physiology

Develop your skills further by joining us on further Zoom sessions to deepen your understanding. Expect real-life case studies and a comprehensive exploration of anatomy and physiology to encourage an in-depth understanding of this ancient practice and its benefits. This course can take approximately 3 months to complete; our experienced practitioners will provide an exceptional level of attention to detail and care with each trainee to ensure optimal satisfaction.

2 Days In-Clinic Practical Training

Take your learning to the next level through hands-on practical experience. Spend 2 days in our top-of-the-range clinic as we provide you with training on the practical aspects of Cupping therapy. We cover massage techniques as well as dry, fire, and wet cupping, and facial cupping with lymphatic drainage to ensure you master all aspects of this tradition. Our skilled practitioners provide you with expert guidance to enable you to feel confident throughout this course.

Lectures via Zoom

Learn about the ancient history and background of the tradition of cupping. Our Zoom lectures also include a deep dive into essential health and safety protocols to ensure you feel fully equipped to begin your practical sessions.

Secure Your Place

Invest in your future today by placing a £100 deposit and securing your place on this course. Get ready to embark on a rewarding journey to become a certified Cupping/Hijama practitioner.

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