Raw Lime Honey (340g)

Raw Lime Honey (340g)

Lime honey goes by many names, but it comes from the nectar-rich blossoms of the Linden tree.  Mankind has long been fascinated by the Linden tree; it symbolized love, good health, truth, and prosperity across many European cultures. In Romania, where our raw lime honey comes from, the Linden tree is considered sacred because of its protective properties.





What’s better than our raw honey? Raw lime honey!

Lime or ‘linden’ honey has been in use for thousands of years. It has a delightfully refreshing scent reminiscent of floral meadows and a cool mint aftertaste. With its pleasant aroma and unique fruity taste, this is the honey that enthralls all senses – perfect choice for honey lovers who appreciate fruity and floral undertones.

Lime honey is a monoflower honey that is light in color. Raw lime honey is initially gold yellow or green, but it darkens to amber with time. Because of its high glucose to fructose levels, raw lime honey crystallizes quickly. This is natural with forest honey and you can easily de-crystalize your jar by placing it in a lukewarm water bath (keep the temperature under 50° to keep your honey potent)

Raw lime honey that has not been processed, filtered, or heated is loaded with more than 400 natural substances that nourish the body and improve our wellbeing. These include nutrients like forms of vitamins, essential trace minerals, and plant-based compounds with potent antioxidant and anti-septic properties.

Because of its unique composition and appealing taste, lime honey has many medicinal and food uses. It can be added to a range of popular dishes, salads, and drinks.  Whether it’s being served alongside a salad at a barbecue, with a hot cup of tea or you’re simply enjoying a spoonful on its own our sparkling pure lime honey will always taste amazing!


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